Wellocracy: Our Corporate Mantra

Emzor Commits to Wellocracy.

Wellocracy is coined from Wellness and Democracy. Wellness is the Brand Promise of Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries and Democracy is the ideal for our Nation. Wellocracy is the way Emzor represents its vision of an ideal Nation where:

Unlimited Wellness is Available to All and Affordable by All.

Emzor has consistently offered the highest international quality healthcare products at prices providing value for all. Emzor Products are distributed and marketed by a vast Nationwide Network of sales and marketing people and entities, making sure Emzor products are available at all Nooks and Crannies of the Nation.

Commitment to Quality

As a leading indigenous manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, Emzor has always stood for high quality and stringent standards.

In our commitment to Wellocracy, we ensure that all products are registered with the appropriate regulatory authority. We strive to deliver on our brand promise of Unlimited Wellness for All.

As a sign of guaranteed Emzor quality, all Emzor products bear the Wellness Crest.


Emzor flourishes in a highly regulated Pharmaceutical Industry, with good reason. We are equipped to meet and continue to exceed stringent NAFDAC regulatory and legal requirements operating in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Emzor has a strong track record in meeting and exceeding the demands of operating in our industry.

Emzor ensures strict adherence to all NAFDAC, national and international regulatory standards and requirements, with proper application and by utilizing state of the art technology to speed up product-to-market processes, from Lab to the Customer. We also comfortably meet stringent international and national regulatory standards.

Our Certifications


Awards and Recognitions

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