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One of the Strongest Pillars of Emzor’s Commitment to ‘Wellocracy for All’ is our People. Come, be a Wellocrat!.


A Wellocrat is an Ambassador for the Emzor Brand.

He/she is also a Citizen of the Emzor — a World where Unlimited Wellness is made available to All and is affordable by All. A Wellocrat is always committed to upholding the Emzor values of Commitment, Energy, Excellence, Character Passion. Wellocrats use their skills and their extensive experience to consistently provide healthcare products made available at prices which create value for all stakeholders.

A Wellocrat sees the Vision for a Future where World-Class Pharmaceutical Products from Africa are Leading the Industry.

The Wellocrat is a Man or Woman of Superior Vision and work ethic. We go above and beyond in delivering our brand promise to our customers. From marketing to R&D to manufacturing, a Wellocrat is committed to delivering value at every point in our chain of operations.



Wellocrats are our Biggest Asset.

Wellocrats are the biggest driving force behind our efforts and accomplishments. In addition to maintaining strong technical acumen and staying on the cutting edge in our field, Wellocrats stay in a close-knit community. With over 1000 Wellocrats, we foster innovation which fuels our growth. Wellocrats bring a combined thousand years of experience from various field especially the pharmaceutical industry fields – Chemists, Scientists, Quality Assurance Specialists, Sales Executives, Marketing Professionals, across various departments in our organization and are small representation of our Wellocrat community.

Wellocrats are Passionate about Improving the Health of our Customers.

Wellocrats work towards providing quality Pharmaceutical products from the Cradle to the Grave. The Wellocrat’s successful contribution is driven by a deep understanding of relevant markets. As Wellocrats, excellence is our watchword. We have a proven track record of providing our Customers with quality healthcare products and services.


Jobs at Emzor

To enable and empower Emzor’s Wellocrats, Emzor offers a harmonious working environment with a clear career path. Emzor is a safe place to work, where your career path has a trajectory for growth. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and our leadership team pursues the Emzor Mission and Values on a daily basis.

At Emzor, we provide adequate job-based training opportunities to enable staff members to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling them work competently. Our working hours are  8am to 5pm and Emzor offers competitive benefits to our Employees.


Research and Development

Science and Testing are prerequisites for finding new Products — our Research and Development professionals are crucial to moving our business forward.

If you love Discovering, have the requisite training and enjoy development and/or clinical trial work, Knock on our Door!.


Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing Teams have unwavering customer focus. Employees in our Sales and Marketing deal directly with our customers, and are custodians of our products.

If you have the passion for understanding customers and solving their problems, write to us!.


Market Access / Health Economics

Health Economics and Market Access professionals play a vital role in integrating input from Patients, Health Economics, Research, and Public Affairs into the development and marketing processes.

If that excites you, contact us!.


Other opportunities

We also have opportunities in human resources, information technology, engineering, finance, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, administration, maintenance and other departments.

If you’re interested, fill the form in our careers page.



Learn about our internships, NYSC and IT Programs.

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