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Emcillin Capsules 10*10 

Emcillin is effective in the treatment of the following bacterial infections:​

Respiratory Tract infections (Upper and Lower)​

Ear, Nose and Throat infections​

Bone and joints infections​

Pelvic infectionsGastro-intestinal infections​

Urinary Tract infections​

Septicaemia, Endocarditis and Orthopaedic infections.​

Care must be taken when high doses are given to patients with renal impairment or congestive heart failure.​

It should be discontinued if a skin rash occurs.​

It is preferable if not given to patients with infectious mononucleosis since they are especially susceptible to Ampicillin-induced skin rashes.​

Due to the danger of Penicillin sensitivity, do not take this medication without consulting your physician.​